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Why choose Best SA to list as an individual or business?

BEST SA is an online lead-generating website for individuals and small businesses featuring the best services and artisans to use in towns and provinces throughout South Africa. BEST SA is build to support the little guy generating leads and ensuring a client gets the best service and workmanship without paying all the excess costs trailing big and corporate companies.


Every service is limited to only the best 5 in every town in South Africa making it an exclusive list of businesses and individuals as the go-to for tasks needed. Exclusive articles are written for all trades listed on Best SA with a business listed on the website in mind generating a new channel of traffic apart from the website itself. Every article counts as a page that is fully indexable by Google search engines.


Best SA's listings are limited to the best 5 in each province ensuring the business or person performing tasks get sufficient leads and exposure that's generated by the Best SA website. An 80% good vs. bad ratio must be maintained to be featured on the Best SA website before being replaced by a suitable candidate that will be listed and promoted. Businesses or Persons receiving a bad review has the chance to turn it into a good review by correspondence in real-time within the website keeping everyone honest, reliable, and happy.

The Best SA website is the cheapest platform online and off to advertise any business or service provided by small companies and individuals in South Africa with a fast amount of traffic to generate leads for various jobs available to businesses and individuals.

Fully loaded business and individual profiles that include about you, pictures, links to websites and social media, contact details, and more providing all there is to know for a potential to make an informed decision on the choice they make for the task that needs to be done.

Why waste time, effort, and money on your website without getting proper leads or traffic, simply tap into Best SA's website where we generate leads with a group of SEO specialists ensuring Best SA's website ranks high in Google search engines solving the headache of traffic for you.


Best SA monthly fee of R50 is not only the lowest in or on any media and platform but also the most effective. Digital is the way of the future where 70% of clients make their decision online before dialing a number or sending an email.

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