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What Supplies Should I Bring Camping?

Updated: Jan 13

For the most part, you’ll need these things no matter where you are heading or how long your trip is scheduled to last. Because you’ll use these items on each and every trip, it is always wise to prioritize these things when allotting your camping-gear budget.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag or camping blanket will keep you warm while you’re sleeping out in the elements, and they’ll cushion your body a little bit too. Most campers elect to bring a sleeping pad too, but this is not absolutely necessary, particularly if you are the type that can sleep anywhere.

Most campers will also be using a tent, but extreme campers may prefer using an enclosed or bivvy-style bag, which will protect you from rain and snow. These are rarely as fun for recreational campers, but they can actually keep you warmer than a traditional tent in extreme conditions, and they obviously help you free up pack space and eliminate a lot of weight.

Water Bottle

Decades ago, camping websites books would list a canteen among the items every camper must bring, but in the 21st century, campers have a number of better options. Canteens make water taste kind of funky and they have narrow mouths, which limits their flexibility. You can’t, for example, cook soup in them very easily.