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What is the difference between SEO and Web Designing?

Updated: Mar 27

With the clutter of websites within Google's system, an increasing emphasis is needed on both website design and search engine optimization.

In the website world, it is necessary to make your website functional, appealing, and engaging, as well as easy to find. This is where the main tools search engine optimization, and Website design comes into play.

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Search engine optimation (SEO) is a rapidly growing sector of the web industry and an essential consideration for any website design. As a major online marketing tool, efficient search engine optimization will drive people to your website and will ensure your website is more visible on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

To draw a simple analogy, compare your website to a physical shop front. Search engine optimization is the path your visitors and customers will use to find your shop. If this path stands out from all others and cuts through the clutter, your shop has an increased chance of success. Without it, you can still have a strong business through such media as word of mouth, strong external marketing, and repeat customers, but your business won't be operating to full capacity.

There are quite a large number of concerns to be considered for search engine optimization. The main considerations are:

  • Keyword selection, ensuring these are incorporated into page titles, headings, and throughout the content as well as 'metadata'. Keyword analysis will come from your competitive offerings, and be based on the competition for these keywords. These keywords are what people use to find you.

  • 'Alt tags' used for all images inserted. These are to describe what the image is to search engines, and blind site viewers.

  • "Query strings" that consist of words, rather than random numbers / letters (e.g. /site/blog/web-design-vs-seo.aspx), instead of (a fictitious url)