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What is the difference between a visitor and unique visitor?

Updated: May 12

At first glance, these standard measures seem very similar or even interchangeable, but they all say something different.

Visitors / Unique visitors / Identified visitors:


The term “visitor” refers to a user who visits a website. However, a visitor is not considered as a single person but as a browser or a terminal. For example, a single user can access a website via different browsers (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge), different computers (at work and at home) or different terminals (smartphone and laptop).

If a visitor visits a page once in the morning and once in the evening, this user is counted as a single visitor with two visits. This same user will be considered a different visitor if they return to the site the next day. If we want a visitor who returns on another day to be counted only once, we must look at the metric unique visitors.

Unique visitor

The measurement of unique visitors is based on cookies. A cookie is a file placed on a browser that contains an anonymo