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What influence a removal companies price?

Updated: Mar 27

If you are moving, you are probably wondering about removal costs. Removalists’ prices are complex and depend on numerous factors. To make the most of your removal company, you should have an idea about their costs. In this overview, you will find their prices along with price determinants.

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Pricing of removal companies The removal costs can vary greatly depending on your moving situation. As such, there are many factors that determine costs:

  • The volume of belongings that you would like to move

  • The distance between your old and new homes

  • Ease of access to your properties

  • Time and moving season

  • Additional services provided by the removalist such as packing

  • Items that require special care and protection

  • Handling of large or fragile items, requiring special equipment or methods

However, it is possible to minimise the expenses associated with proper furniture removal. Whether you plan to move overseas, interstate, or locally, furniture removal services do not have to leave a dent in your wallet.

  • Removal Costs The type and size of work that needs to be done can influence the overall cost of moving.

Other things that affect the price of the job include the following:

  • Number of Removalists If you want to move bigger items, you may require more than two removalists who can perform the task. Getting more people is likely to cost more in comparison to hiring one person. However, getting one person to handle a big job may take much more time to complete the work, which means you will end up paying more.

  • Number of Rooms There are different sizes and shapes of houses that range from mansions with several rooms to studio apartments. More rooms typically indicate that there will be more furniture to move in. This requires extra work and effort for removalists and subsequently an addition to your expenses.

  • Vehicles Hiring a smaller vehicle does not automatically lower the costs. Evaluate the number of items that are being moved and determine the kind of vehicle that has a sufficient capacity for your belongings. If you need to move a lot of furniture, a small vehicle may end up costing more as there will be multiple trips to move all your things.

  • Duration of the Move

  • Many removalists charge by the hour or half-hour and moving faster will help to lower your total bill.

  • If you do not hire full-service movers who will be packing and loading your belongings on your behalf, you can box your items in advance to reduce your total moving time. Label them clearly and ensure they are ready for packing in the truck on the day of the move.

  • For an affordable and smart move, you can consider hiring a moving service that will focus on larger items such as big furniture pieces.

  • Standard Prices Standard prices on hourly rates may include at least two furniture removalists, a truck, and professional equipment. If you need extra manpower or resources, charges will be determined accordingly.

  • Significance of being Organised The more ready to go, packed up, and organised you are on a moving day, the quicker and cheaper the move is likely to be. Organisation and packing are very important. Experienced packers can be sent earlier, depending on the type of service, if you need help with pre-packing.


When accessibility is challenging or for larger jobs, an additional team can be brought in towards the end of the day to speed up the job and boost motivation among the removalists. Doing the job quickly gives you more time to unpack and set up the new location.

Maximise your removal company by finding out their costs and pricing determinants. Removal costs vary widely and depend on your type of moving situation. The actual price may change in accordance with the factors that influence general moving costs.

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