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What effects the price of T-Shirt printing

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Regarding T-shirt customization, what factors determine the price?

1. Material:

The material has almost become an indispensable factor for judging the quality. At present, the mainstream is cotton fabric and sports quick-drying fabrics. Different fabrics have different price differences, even if the same is pure. Cotton, but there are also differences between old cotton and new cotton, combed cotton, therefore, the choice of fabric material largely determines the price of T-shirt customization.

2. Style:

The difference between the style is mainly reflected in the neckline and cuffs, and T-shirt accessories, such as the use of the threaded collar, it is much more expensive than the use of the cloth collar, and the price of the threaded collar, a few dollars cheaper, expensive The 20 pieces, due to the large price difference, it is difficult to determine the custom price of T-shirts before the style is determined.

3. The process:

The mainstream process has thermal transfer, embroidery, digital printing, bronzing hot silver, etc., in addition, for example, there are several parts to print pictures? What is the size area? …

4. Order quantity/delivery date:

Custom 100 pieces and custom 1000 pieces, because the purchase price is not the same, needless to say, that the price of T-shirt customization is naturally different.

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