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Plumbers are called in to install, repair and examine piping systems that are used for moving water, sewage, and gases in and out of buildings. They connect pipes to various types of industrial and residential fixtures, such as heating and cooling units, sinks, washing machines, bathtubs, water heaters, and toilets. Plumbers commonly use hand tools, like wrenches, cutting saws and hammers, or hand and power tools, which could include welding equipment. They also use advanced diagnosing equipment to determine pipe pressure or to locate faulty equipment.

Plumbers may perform the following tasks:

  • prepare and study plans and specifications to work out the layout of plumbing systems and materials needed

  • cut, thread, and bend pipes, assemble and install piping, valves, and fittings

  • test lines as required by local plumbing regulations

  • maintain and repair plumbing systems

  • fit weather-proof materials, joints, and flashings to roofs, chimneys, and walls.

Important Information For Hiring A Plumbing Expert It’s virtually impossible to give the exact plumber cost without talking to a plumber first. There are a range of variables that can affect the price, such as, the type of job, how many people are required to complete the job, the materials needed. The more difficult the job, the more labour it requires, the higher the cost. The experience and qualifications of the plumber will also impact the cost.

Factors Affecting Plumber Cost: The size of the plumbing job: Small Jobs Smaller jobs require only one plumber and can be completed in 1 hour with the plumbing parts in a plumbers toolbox. As a general rule – plumbing jobs that can generally be done in the first hour are considered a small job or plumbing maintenance. For example: Replacing a tap or valve, installing a new mixer, connecting a washing machine or appliance.

Medium Jobs Medium plumbing jobs require a bit more time as well as a plumber with more experience to complete. These jobs can take between 2 – 5 hours to complete. These jobs need spare parts that must be specially ordered as well as more tools and labour. For example: Replacing a geyser, leak detection work. Large Jobs Large plumbing jobs are the most complex and time-consuming. They require very skilled plumbing professionals and usually quite a few team members to complete along with specialised parts. Generally, they take between 6 hours – a few days to complete. For example: Shower/Bathroom repairs, or renovations.

Distance: Plumbers generally service a 40km radius however if they are traveling from Johannesburg to Pretoria for example, this might affect their costing or call out fee.

Repairs and Damage:

In the case of emergency situations such as a burst geyser or leaking shower, there will be additional costs to replace the damage caused. This might entail knocking through drywall, pulling up tiles, replacing ceilings or flooring. This obviously won’t be due to the plumber however you should keep that in mind.

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