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What affects the price of bands for weddings

Updated: Jan 13

If you've just got engaged and have never even considered hiring a band before, you may not be aware of the costs involved. An average-sized wedding band is generally made of 3-5 musicians consisting of the following: drummer, bass player, guitar, vocalist, and keyboards. With a little bit of research on our site and other agencies, you'll soon see that the cost of a wedding band can vary dramatically, but what really affects the price of a band in 2019 and 2020?

Number of band members

This is an obvious one and can be one of the major factors of wedding band prices. If there are fewer people to pay, that will of course be passed on to you. However, 3-piece function bands are quite rare and many may choose to use backing tracks to 'fatten' things up on stage. If you're looking for a larger band, you may consider a party band with a brass section, this quite often means a 6-piece band and can really increase the price so it's really down to budget.

How in demand are the band?

Being a musician is similar to any other job or business, if a great band has been going for a number of years, that will no doubt mean that there's a lot of work coming in. Over the years the band may choose to increase their price to reflect their experience.

Seasonal prices / Last minute bookings

Friday's and Saturdays in the summer are the busiest time for every wedding band and so there isn't usually room for a discount. If you're getting married in February and March, some bands may quote slightly lower than they would in the summer months. Similarly, if you're organising a last-minute wedding and need a band in say, 4 weeks' time, then you can expect bands without a booking to go in lower. However, most bands on our books are fully booked for the summer by the time January comes so try not to wait too long!

Travel Expense / Time Travelling

Most wedding bands are used to traveling and realise it's not always easy to find a band in the same town, but as diesel prices continue to soar, the cost of fuel is unfortunately passed on to the client. Another thing to consider is that a couple of hours traveling there and back again can mean 4 extra hours of work for 4 to 5 people. Some bands may take this into consideration before quoting.

Arrival Time / Finish time

With travel time taken into account, a band can often expect to work 12 hour days. This is based on a 5:30 pm - 6 pm arrival time and so any earlier will mean an increase in price. Quotes are almost always based on a midnight finish and so you can also expect to pay more for the band to stay until 1 am.

Length of Set / Performance time

Bands generally perform 2 sets of around an hour. That's just an average, some only do 2 x 45 minutes and some might do 3 x 45 minutes. Some bands start their prices slightly lower for 2 x 45 minutes and then add on a supplement for longer sets.


It's extremely rare, but if the band is based 3-4 hours away, they will need to stay over in a hotel and this is also taken into consideration when working out a quote.

Hopefully, you'll find this pretty useful in your search for a band. We try to represent a range of brands to suit every kind of budget, so why not take a look at our function bands page to get started.

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