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Try these telephone tips for the best service

Updated: May 12

Why Phone Etiquette Is So Important

According to NewVoiceMedia’s study, 42% of consumers switch brands because they are put off by rude or unhelpful staff. What’s more, statistics from RightNow tell us that 73% of consumers say friendly customer service reps can make them fall in love with a brand!

Thus, you either play an A-game or sit on the bench.

While you’re working in customer service or as an inside sales team member, your calls must be also relevant in regards to your company’s standards and principles. That’s why it’s so important to follow the rules of customer service phone etiquette.

You wouldn’t like to start a conversation with “Hi, what’s up?” when your company positions itself as a professional service. Following a certain set of dos and don’ts will help you keep every call on a proper level making sure the service you provide is accurate with what your company presents and what the customers expect.

Also, when it comes to professional calls, having a routine is a good thing.

No, no. You’re not supposed to do the same things every time you pick up a phone. What you’re supposed to do is to learn certain rules and implement them in each of the calls you make or take. This way each of your calls will be provided with an equal level of quality. When you apply phone etiquette to your business calls they’ll all become equally good!

Contrary to how it sounds, such a routine may result in establishing your own style of professional calls. After all, each of the rules we learn ends up being modified to our needs, personality, and way of doing things.