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Professional Email Etiquette For A Lasting Impression

Updated: May 12

Emails are a part of business, for both employed professionals and job seekers alike. Since most people are being inundated with emails every day, you want to do everything you can to ensure that the emails you send get read. From a respectful email greeting to a professional email format, writing well can make a big difference.

Specify your subject line

Title your email in such a way that the recipient immediately knows what the message is actually about.

For instance, if you're emailing to inform a colleague about a specific meeting, you can title your email something like, “Info about budget meeting.” If you're sending an email to inform a co-worker about an impromptu meeting, you might title the email something like “Meeting in the conference room at 2 p.m. today.” All in all, you want your title to get to the point right away.

Use a professional email address

Proper email etiquette calls for sending emails from your business email address, rather than a personal email address. Using a personal email address for business purposes can be seen as unprofessional by some, especially if you're discussing confidential matters. Also, by keeping your business and personal email separate, you are ensuring that nothing urgent gets lost amid spam emails, marketing messages, and other personal communications.