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Updated: Jan 13

Mobile internet usage exceeds desktop from the past years and the online activity is continuing to shift to mobile, So smartphone apps have become the most important marketing tool for both large and small scale business owners to stay strong and travel long in the e-business market. How to let's see some major reasons why you should design a mobile app.

  • The rise in smartphone usage

There is more choice for buying a new phone in terms of features and rates so the affordability for a common man has increased greatly. Researchers show that India will soon become the second-largest market in the smartphone users count. This obviously means that internet usage and the app download through mobile will increase.

  • Mobile Shopping – Ease in the shopping experience

In a recent study conducted, over half of the online sales now are subjected to mobile devices. The stats openly shows that around 80% of the people do shopping online and out of that 70% have shopped through their smartphones.

Do you wonder why online shopping giants like Myntra and Flipkart are shutting down the mobile website and moving towards apps? Looking from the brand’s point of view mobile devices are available anytime and the shopping experience through mobile is easily accessible and convenient. Once the customer downloads an app, the app is always kept logged in which will improve productivity and reduces the cost. Through this, instant access is possible, and also native features will be available more for apps. This will make sales more effective.

  • Get an Edge over the competition

Surveys show that numerous companies have not developed a mobile application until now due to the cost and investment. But building apps for such a platform will be time-consuming along with being a costly affair. The growth in mobile internet usage means creating an app can clearly give you an edge over your competition. Users usually get more involved when an app is downloaded.

  • Business analytics

While moving to an app a brand can smoothly collect user-specific data on purchases and sales, browsing duration, a preferred platform to share information and preferences, collecting feedbacks, etc. These data can be used when you are providing tailored communication and offers to the users.

  • Brand awareness and recognition

The mobile app can become the face of a brand. Make your mobile app stand out. Eye-catching design, easy navigation, user interactive functions, and the information provided can make your app stand out. Your customer relationship would depend on the ease of use and the design quality of the app. The more attractive the app becomes, the it is more likely to draw customers and buy products and services.

  • Reduce marketing cost

Compared to traditional advertising and direct marketing, pushing the notifications to the customers who have downloaded your app is comparatively cheap. If you want an event to be announced or a new product or service launch, a mobile app development makes it more affordable and helps both the customers and brand to become close to each other.

  • Delivery speed

Mobile apps usually load faster than mobile websites. Many aspects of the apps are usable even without internet connectivity. In today’s digital ecosystem, it's possible to deliver great results efficiently and quickly through a mobile app.

Apps are a great platform that allows you to build a direct relationship with your clients, without any middleman. With the increasing competition in the e-business market, a mobile application is a necessity and can greatly increase the profitability of your business.

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