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How to spot a bad Graphic Designer

Updated: Mar 27

As a business owner, failing to invest in good graphic design is a huge mistake, and can often result in missing out on valuable business opportunities. According to Adobe State of Create 2016, 45% of respondents said they paid more for a well-designed product or service. When it comes to the visuals on your website, there’s no messing around.

At Best Services we found the best graphic designers to make your search for the right person for the job easier and hassle-free. The graphic designers listed with Best Services SA are proven to be the best with years of experience and most importantly focus on great customer service.

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Worried about choosing the wrong graphic designer for your website or marketing? Simply follow the designer checklist below and you’ll find the perfect one in no time.

Typography Choice

Typography is the main element in graphic design; it highlights a brand’s personality and conveys a message to the users. A general rule of thumb is to use 2 fonts (3 max) that complement one another. If a designer is using 4-5 fonts and they don’t represent the brand properly, this is definitely a red flag. For example, you wouldn’t use a traditional serif font for a modern, trendy hotel and you wouldn’t use a playful, young sans serif font for a wedding venue. Every font has a specific use case, so a designer should be aware of the feeling a font gives off before choosing it to represent a brand.

Color Palette