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Hardy Roses To Grow

Updated: Mar 27

Are you looking for rose bushes that need minimal care for your garden? There are actually many hard to kill roses that can be easily grown with little to no effort.

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Roses are hardy plants and most aren’t difficult to grow, but some roses are fussier than others. In general, newer roses are often the best roses for beginners because they’ve been bred to require less care with a higher level of disease-resistance. Older roses are gorgeous, but they may not be the best choice if you’re seeking low-maintenance roses. Keep reading for a few spectacularly easy roses to add to the garden.

Paul Zimmerman, in his book, Everyday Roses: How to Grow Knock Out and Other Easy-Care Garden Roses, provides some historical context to explain why easy-to-grow roses are, in fact, a big deal. Zimmerman observes that many of the roses vigorously marketed to the public in the past were hard to grow. Gardeners stuck with the difficult task of trying to care for these “divas,” as Zimmerman calls them, and they became frustrated. Eventually, word got around: Roses are hard to grow.

This new generation of rose varieties is turning this stereotype on its head. Developers acknowledged the complaints from the public and set about building a better rose. The result has been the emergence of a number of different types of easy-to-grow roses. The charge has been led by Knock Out, which is now the most popular rose bush brand in North America.

Most all rose bushes grow best in full sun, in well-drained soil, and when you help out Mother Nature by supplying water during dry periods (but water at ground level so as to avoid getting water on the leaves).