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Air Conditioning Problems and How to Fix Them

Updated: May 12

Here we cover eleven common problems you may experience with your air conditioner, with suggestions on how to fix them.

However, note that it’s vital to call a suitably qualified technician rather than ever attempting to open up a unit or work with internal parts, which could put you at risk of electric shock and invalidate the warranty on your air conditioning system.

The air conditioner isn’t cooling even though it’s running

This is the most common problem and has several possible causes. Here’s what you can do:

  • check for a dirty air filter or a blocked condensate drain – clean or change the filter and empty the drain, if necessary

  • ensure there’s enough refrigerant in the system and check that there aren’t any leaks before adding more coolant

  • turn off the power for a period in case the air conditioner’s coil has frozen; this may result from dirty filters, a lack of coolant, or a malfunction in the blower fan

  • if you have a central air conditioning unit and some rooms are warmer than others, call a technician and ask about having dampers placed in the system.

The air conditioner won’t switch on