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Unique and powerful software solutions created by experts. Eclipse Technologies develops and delivers exciting and engaging high-performance software applications, websites, data management, and a host of additional support products to suit a business's needs now increasing productivity and saving time and money


Eclipse Technologies

Started in 2007, Eclipse Technologies specialises in customised software development, software management, and software support services.

Through our excellent bespoke products and software development skills we have the appropriate solutions that are available off the shelf or can be fully customised and developed to meet your exact requirements.

Our experience in developing bespoke solutions is thoroughly tested and proven in the “field”. We have the specialised and knowledgeable skills to provide you with the kind of flexibility you need to deliver focused solutions.

On all our projects we adopt a "flexible" project management methodology which assists us in providing both structure and the ability to adjust focus as your business need change.

At Eclipse Technologies our aim is to secure loyal clients by always delivering exactly what they want, and by ensuring that what we have created is reliable, upgradeable, and able to exceed our clients expected levels of professionalism and service quality.

Our optimum service products are capable of providing management support, technical support, and internal procedure and operational system support.

Eclipse Technologies excels when consultation services are required. From the original idea of where your business can benefit to the requirement and how it should function, we will establish the business need and provide a full recommendation report of what can be implemented to improve your current infrastructure.

Our team at Eclipse Technologies supports our drive to provide exceptional client service levels which can only be delivered by dedicated and motivated people.

We operate in a fast and dynamic environment and totally rely on people who are skilled and innovative. We believe that our people are our strength. Their knowledge.


Custom-Built software products designed to streamline and manage your systems for now and for the future

ECN - Experienced Advisors


Vast knowledge and experience, superior and accurate proposals, advice and assistance, and much more...

The benefits of using our consultation services

  • Experience in customised SQL server database applications

  • Microsoft SQL-Server database modeling

  • Consultation on database modeling, programming, design, optimization, and development projects

  • Proven project methodology and expertise

  • Lower cost when the right software is recommended and implemented

  • Reduced risk and quicker project delivery times

  • Solutions that are “future safe” saving costs on future modifications and improvements.

Does your company have a need for specific software, hardware, or server application?

Eclipse Technologies has a team of highly skilled and experienced staff who are knowledgeable in many aspects of IT, server, and software products.

Our consultation service covers the whole of Southern Africa. We have substantial experience in healthcare, clothing, manufacturing, servicing, financial, industrial, and technology environments to name but a few.

Our consultation services offer advice and recommendations for application development, software and hardware requirements, project management planning, system capabilities, upgrades, and improvements to your current systems.

Eclipse Technologies excels when your company faces tight deadlines and needs additional expert advice and proposals to augment your future systems projects. We have extensive experience with C#, Visual Basic, Dot Net, HTML5, JavaScript, Various JS frameworks, CSS3, XML, SVG, PHP, Python, Dart, Delphi, and C/C++ amongst others.

At Eclipse Technologies we understand the importance of your SQL Server databases, Universe, and other business software, and understand how critical they are to your companies profitability.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist your company by proposing solutions and recommendations.

Our team of SQL-Server Database Consultants and Software Developers is ready to help your company achieve success.

EMD - Mobile App Development

App Screens

Bespoke Android App development and design and so much more...

App development,

  • Android SDK

  • Android VideoView APIs

  • Google Maps APIs

Eclipse Technologies has been involved in the Android App development arena since 2012.

Our Android App team has abundant experience in developing the mobile App space.

We are familiar with the Android SDK, Android Video View APIs, Google Maps APIs, and numerous other leading technologies that are used to build world-class Android Apps.

Our expertise in the Android development market together with our gifted designers and competent Android App development staff gives us the self-confidence to supply Android Apps that are outstanding and unique. Having the right mobile app, designed and developed by the right professionals is critical.

Thinking of investing in an Android App?

Only Eclipse Technologies offers exceptional design, perfect functionality, and Apps that are visually engaging.

Only Eclipse Technologies is comprehensively equipped to turn your App vision into reality.

ESM - Complete Assistance

Image by Scott Graham

Critical IT and server support, strategically working with you, and much more...

Maintenance and support covers the following,

  • Data centers - Server hardware, operating systems, and VPN

  • Server systems administration, monitoring, and security

  • Network systems design

  • SQL database administration (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Universe, etc

  • Data storage systems and backups

  • IT disaster preparedness

Maintenance and support contracts include,

  • Analysis of hardware, optimization of server configurations

  • All work on initial configuration, hardware installation, and connection of new software and equipment;

  • Data replication

  • Setting up failover and cluster configurations for mission-critical services

  • Security audits and consultation on security and implementation of security policies

  • Load-testing, analysis of system performance, and determination of bottlenecks

  • Day-to-day servicing of your server room, server health monitoring, and planned maintenance

ESM by Eclipse Technologies works in three areas, to ensure your systems are stable and to provide an uninterrupted information supply with full data integrity and security.

Area 1. We Provide and manage network server and storage environments comprising the infrastructure for IT applications & services.

Area 2. We Configure and manage data backups and system restore, as well as designing and executing business continuity procedures and disaster recovery.

Area 3. We Provide 3rd tier (advanced) support for the tools and applications that we have created/developed.

EWD - Exceptional Web Development

Image by Halacious

Eclipse Technologies Web Design

  • Multi-talented web design and development

  • Search engine optimization

  • Secure e-Commerce websites

  • Database creation and integration

We have over 10 years of website development experience and a whole range of specialized skills.

We offer a full package of web design, front-end development, back-end development, on-site search engine optimization, and off-site search engine optimization options.

From custom-built web applications, websites for small and medium-sized businesses to large complex e-commerce shopping websites, secure e-Commerce, and database driven projects.

Web design has many aspects - it’s about creating designs that are modern, appealing, and attention-grabbing.

Websites need to be successful as sales and marketing tools, but your website also needs to be coded and constructed correctly so that search engines can index your site, your website also should have intuitive navigation and functionality that communicates your companies details clearly.

Web development is a broad term used to describe a wide range of services, ranging from basic programming tasks using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to developing complex network security and web server configurations.

Web development can be broken down into two areas the front-end development and back-end development. Front-end development is the face of your website, how it appears, and how visitors interact with it. Back-end development is the invisible side of a website - i.e. the computational, code, and programming aspects of the design.

Back-end developers are responsible for programming into existence all of the functions that visitors to your website will experience but never see, such as XML parsers, elaborate product databases, e-commerce integrations, etc.

The Eclipse Technologies website and development team is responsible for developing and delivering world-class web-based solutions to business throughout South Africa.

  • We excel in the following areas of expertise.

  • 1. Web content development

  • 2. Web-based application development

  • 3. Data and systems integration development.

  • 4. Content management.

  • 5. Usability studies and audit.

  • 6. Design guidance and technical delivery.

  • 7. Bespoke web development.


Eclipse Technologies

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