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Rating of Artisans and Service Providers?

Every client using Best SA as a reference to use an artisan or service provider to complete a certain task that is paid for by a client has the right and ability to write up a report good or bad for the business or person performing the task that will be added to their profile within Best SA's Website for future reference to new clients seeking for help.

Best SA's listings are limited to the best 5 in each province ensuring the business or person performing tasks get sufficient leads and exposure that's generated by the Best SA website. An 80% good vs. bad ratio must be maintained to be featured on the Best SA website before being replaced by a suitable candidate that will be listed and promoted. Businesses or Persons receiving a bad review has the chance to turn it into a good review by correspondence in real-time within the website keeping everyone honest, reliable, and happy.

The Best SA website is the cheapest platform online and off to advertise any business or service provided by small companies and individuals in South Africa with a fast amount of traffic to generate leads for various jobs available to businesses and individuals.


Frequently asked questions

How do I list my business on Best SA?

To list your business is as simple as filling in a form. Fill in our business or individual application form where we need the specified information if you don't have a website. If you do have a website we will gather the relevant information, logo, banners and links from the website. Best SA has a monthly subcription fee of R50 and are limited to 5 per trade.

How do I write a report after my job is completed for a business or individual?

Placing a positive or negative review:

  1. First you have to go to the business or individuals profile listing within the Best SA's website.
  2. Underneath the profile is a comment or review section that allows for your write-up. Click on comment where it will give you the log in options to open a account (FREE). This option is to ensure that it is all legitamite reviews good or bad.
  3. The account created for the review and for future use apply to our strict privacy policy.
  4. After leaving a review the business or individual in question will be informed via email about the review good or bad.
  5. If further action needs to be taken you will be contacted by the individual or business directly.

How will my business benefit from Best SA?

Good question, What we do have that other business listing sites don't is:

  1. Vast amount of traffic
  2. Featured articles to promote trades listed in Best SA.
  3. Limeted to 5 per trade making it exclusive and more effective.
  4. Website that's built to generate leads for businesses and individuals.
  5. Google indexable profiles counting as a extra 1 page website.

How do I lose or get a spot if trade is full?

In Best SA everyone listed start with a positive and it will be the business or individuals own doing supplying a customer poor workmanship and service or failure to pay the monthly subcription resulting in bad reviews that then will result in loosing a listing in the 5 spots available in Best SA's website. After a business or individual is removed from the website a new aplicant will take the position.

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